videos and a lack of hair

In Interesting things, Leicester, Rambling on August 8, 2013 at 2:11 pm

Less rambling and more stuff. Lots of videos which I’m mainly going to be using the sound from, I didn’t have my voice recorder on me and really the camera probably records sound better anyway…

Observing from my little corner

Reflections of people walking – I’ll need a tripod for that to look alright. But it’s kinda nice in its fuzzy little way.

And walking/running about the space, this ended up being quite…hysterical at points. The floor makes lovely noises and I wanted recordings of that. And if you speed footsteps up they sound brilliant (I did that for the intermedia video in the first semester, it sounds really cyclical and quite rhythmic). Edited sound to come later, so just video for now. Good fun anyway.

Emma, in real time.

Emma sped up…

Emma & me sped up.

Me, Emma & Leila sped up.

I know there’s no sound on this – but I’ll put it on SoundCloud – but the ‘wah wah’ effect in Audacity is the best thing ever. Thats what Em walking (speeded up) looks like after wahwah-ing. Also how I did the nice colourful sound video things, expect more of those.

And the sound… although the version that was slightly more speeded up possibly sounded better. Still fiddling about with it.

And…this. Goodbye long hair. Hello, bag of hair clippings.

Shall we just relive the moment I pick up a HUGE handful of my hair? Yeah, okay.

Think that’ll do for now… I realised the other day that I’m going to be a second year (how…?), and I’ll be applying for exchanges this year. So obviously I started looking again – yes, again. I already looked last summer. And I still really love the look of the same place – Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Yup, that Prague. I’m so serious I’ve calculated how much the entirety of my bank account would be in CZK (given that GBP to CZK is currently 0.33 to 1 or something silly it’s a lot) and bought a phrasebook. I can say hello in Czech, and ‘how are you?’. I daren’t try and mangle anything else just yet. Exciting stuff though, no? (And…if I do a whole year instead of a semester, no home fees! That’s £9,000 less…).


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