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In Interesting things, Leicester, Rambling on August 22, 2013 at 11:56 am

No idea where this is going, a bit all over the place. Perhaps chronologically would be a good start.

Mud of the festival variety (and a festival of the music-and-most-disgusting-toilets-ever kind), I had a vague sort of purpose photographing the arts field (which was – very nicely, really – called ‘the space between’) which meant I got an official looking – crappily laminated – badge and everything. Most interesting thing my badge allowed me to see was a pile of maybe a hundred or so fire extinguishers – all stacked up like logs – and a man carrying a very large rubber duck. He looked so bemused. Here’s a bad picture of a teacup that I like anyway.




The film went a bit funky on a few of them – and it wasn’t rain, because it was sunny at that point… Ehm, next thing. Oh Roger Hiorns Seizure is amazing. I have this horrible urge to play with crystals now, but it’s just so pretty. But it disintegrates in warmth, shining a torch or breathing on it is enough for it to fall apart into powder which is so so odd, and does make you not want to breathe at all near it. I’ve got postcards so I can look at it for hours, things that are that blue make me happy.

And now – the excitement. There was a launch for the salon on Monday (which meant we rushed to YSP from somewhere in Yorkshire, then rushed home, then rushed to have showers and be clean again and then rushed out to do that – so brain dead, probably not ideal for art-ing). Anyway, looked like quite a few people turned up and there was a really interesting little tour around where the salon is – going along the old high street – by a local historian. It meant walking about so I got some feet videos out of it. Nice work too, it’s far better now it looks a bit more lived in and used (instead of grotty and full of crap, the crap has just now been shoved even further back into the building I think).

I’m glad I kept my wallpaper – not just as a very minuscule rebellion – because the spectrogram bits look completely insane on that much pink. They were pretty pink to start with. I’m not sure I’ve ever done something so pink. It’s a bit weird.




And a stack of quotes. I love these boxes so much. They stack! All neatly!


And performative things… I think I went on about it a while ago? The walking alongside people thing? Trying to be nice again. Anyway, some instructions. Just in case you felt like doing it too. Writing is good, I think there’ll be more writing. Maybe partly because writing is quite good at explaining itself, and it can be left there without me and still be understood in some form. Not that things don’t do that, but maybe it’s just easier with writing. Or again perhaps that’s just me. Words > anything else after all.


The title (aren’t you impressed? Not only did I finish something, but I titled it too) is from a quote from outside the space, everything links together somehow. More impressively I performed it whilst there were people there. Admittedly in a bit of ‘please don’t look at me or ask what I’m doing’ way, but I walked with people for a while. It’s alright – verging on enjoyable possibly – as long as it isn’t announced, as long as it’s not ‘everyone look this way, she’s going to do something’ it’s fine. It doesn’t…need to be like that. Walking is something that happens, it’s kind of ignored a lot of the time or done without thinking, so it’d be a bit odd to draw attention to it like that. That and everyone looking would be terrifying. As long as I can pretend no one’s looking…heh. I’ve gone from sensible photography to creepy performance artist. Eek.

Leaving for Edinburgh a week tomorrow, a week on Monday I’ll be moving into a new flat and I can go back to the shop and everything will start all over again. Somehow the portal went wrong, and all of last year’s projects have been released to us (but as completed, rather that uncompleted). So on the plus side I got to read those (so…many…proposals to write). And the not so plus side, I’ve apparently missed the feedback deadline by quite a long way. Oh dear.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 12.39.39

The hair cutting video is uh…popular.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 11.54.54

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