So so brain dead

In Edinburgh, Rambling on September 2, 2013 at 11:10 pm

I can’t even think of titles anymore.

Or words.

I’m sat in a shiny new-to-us flat (only shiny since we had a bit of a cleaning moment), we’re internet-less until we ring up tomorrow and arrange for that to happen. Tomorrow is the day of sorting things I think. I only have a very small box left to unpack – which appears to be largely gouache for some unknown reason – and a bag, so it’s not too bad. Everything is in it’s new place, and for the first time I can see almost all the books I have up here in one place. Which is…uhh. There’s a lot. I’ll get a photo of that tomorrow, it’s almost a library. Who knows what’ll happen to it if I go do go on exchange.

But voila. A semi unpacked room. Which I’m sure you’re all desperate to see. I ended up with the big room. So I have a sofa and a whisky shelf. That’s right, a whisky shelf. Okay, it doubles as a camera shelf. But well. Close enough.







We have a bath, I cannot explain my joy at that. Once it’s been scrubbed a bit anyway. A bath!

I was going to go on a bit about some slightly newer things I did for the salon, but I want to sleep. It’s not quite sunk in that I’m back in Edinburgh (even though we had to walk all the way across town to go pick up keys), so it’s a little bit weird still. Ah well, I’ve got a basil plant to go look after.


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