New thing(s) and not so new things

In Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Leicester on September 12, 2013 at 6:04 pm

Cats first. This is Jenkins. He knows where we live. I came home yesterday and he legged it up the stairs to our floor and sat waiting for me to open the door, some tricky manoeuvring to make sure he didn’t get in… He is fluffy and sweet, but once he’s in he’s in for a while. Cute though.


And Otto, so he doesn’t get jealous.


New things first maybe, different studio. Kinda got nice views though, and it’s bright (or was until I went to take this) and small and nice. Managed to take up a corner with Steph, which is definitely good (we even get name labels). Desk to appear next week.


We’ve gained more people, direct into second year, but it doesn’t seem like that many. Even sculpture (which ended up with I think two people at the end of last year…) doesn’t seem to have that many more. And only another handful for intermedia. And with freshers all over the main campus I feel old (was it really a year ago?), but kind of like a fresher all over again. I’ve been mistaken for one too, pah. Perhaps that’s made up for by the fact that yesterday someone thought I was someone about forty years older than me (yeah, thanks).

It was nice to be back, but a bit odd too. Going to be odd to be mixed in with other years, having spent all of last year isolated in our own little corner downstairs. But better, possibly. We’ll see come next week. So many things are exactly the same, no idea why I expected anything else but there we go. Still takes a while (ehm, fifteen minutes) to get the projector working for a lecture thing this morning. Oh, speaking of… I have some small hope that this year visual culture might be better… Started with Stop Making Sense, which opens with my favourite Talking Heads song… And here’s David Byrne interviewing himself, just because (‘it’s like sixty minutes on acid’).

In other excitement…well. There isn’t really much. I’ve been at the shop – and we still haven’t moved from one end of town to the other – and all my crap is unpacked. I finished The Fellowship Of The Ring, bought another two books (and didn’t start them!). Before I moved in there was some vague idea of following, at least slightly, all of the bits that Perec writes about moving. Mostly because it’s really nicely written. But it’s just…I hate moving. A lot. Couldn’t face actually doing anything about moving. So that plan got discarded quite quickly, I’m debating buying this. Maybe I’ll look for a library version instead.

Speaking of projects, we start with ‘extra-ordinary object’. Torn between things, because likely as not I’ll get bored of the poor object at some point. And it’s half a semester or so long. Heh. But here’s a nice Tim Ingold quote from Lines (still not finished that…oops). I think string might make a recurrence.


Oh…yeah. The salon things I didn’t write about last time. Seeing as I’m now somewhere in the region of 300ish miles away from the space it’s understandably a little difficult to make any ‘new’ site specific things. So I’m going to be working with what I’ve got, which is lucky because there’s a load of unfinished things floating about. At the moment data looks like it’s going to be the way forward. I made these before I left, once I’ve thought a way of making the blocks/beads instead of buying them I’ll do some more. The data is people walking past in two minute intervals or so, colours for walking left, right, standing and sitting.






Quotes are now available in a new (maybe improved) Twitter form. Most should have location showing. We’ll just marvel at the fact that WordPress is agreeing to insert tweets… voila.


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