‘think extravagantly’

In Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art on September 18, 2013 at 8:28 pm

I was going to go on and on about the first project of the semester, but the portal has decided to die on me and not respond. I think I wrote out a very abbreviated version, so here we go… Might not make much sense because it’s just my notes, but extra-ordinary object:

Firstly – look at what may constitute an (art) object
Secondly – dichotomy of ordinary/extraordinary

‘…all art finds surprise where there is or was something ordinary. […] This project is about beginning with limitless possibilities and making decisions to focus the artistic activity.’

Choose an object – something from your pocket, something from home, something from a DIY shop, something you have found, something you have sourced, something you have never worked with, something you consider boring, something you think is exciting… (a sound, something immaterial, film clip, physical object).

Week 1: begin by beginning, Fruitmarket visit
Week 2: develop approaches & ways of working, verbs to think about/use/incorporate – drop, cut, sever, roll, arrange, repair, light, modulate, distill, hide, wrap, expand, inertia.
Week 3: begin documenting
Week 4: producen an image + collage, cross year crit
Week 5: exhibition

So there we go. Work to do. I’ve…kind of started. I looked busy on Tuesday apparently. I’m kind of torn between two objects, choosing either will kind of mean doing it to please someone else at least a little bit. And I’m so so so bad at making decisions that I’m going to use both for a while (don’t have another tutorial for two weeks, no one will ever know…). I don’t know which one I want to do anymore, I got excited and interested about both. One is hard, one is kind of…something I’d choose.

First, there’s receipts. I love receipts. Which sounds so sad. I’ve kept a load from the shop, and by a load I mean almost a full carrier bag worth of them. I want to use them for something, and I’ve got all the ones I’ve kept from the library (mine, and stolen ones from the self service machines) and some from the self service machines in Sainsbury’s and I don’t know what else. There’s just a lot of potential data (by which I mean numbers, organising, colour coding, information) that could be gotten from them and used and reformed into something nice. And drawing crinkly paper is nice. I realised today that I kind of…like bureaucracy. Which, yet again, sounds really quite odd. I like forms, I like filling out forms, I like pointlessly organising, I like information, I like receipts and I really do like doing the paperwork for the shop. (I realised that in the middle of doing paperwork actually). Seriously, send me your paperwork and I’ll be happy for however long it takes. Unless it’s stupid. In which case I won’t.

But yeah. That’s the plus side of doing receipts. I might – only a very very tiny might – have some way of showing that, seeing as it’s going to be shown as an exhibition. (Oh dear). That’d be the easier – or easier to start anyway – thing to do. I spent a long time unfolding all the receipts I had, and it was brilliant fun.

That’s my back up anyway. The second object… I have absolutely no clue what to do with it, but from the tutorial I had on Tuesday it seems to be the more popular choice (and immediately after spending ages talking about it I was quite excited and knew what I was doing). And I’m reliably informed if you know what you’re doing making work you’re probably doing it wrong. In which case, I’m nailing this. It’s those boots I eh…acquired last year. I never did use them last year, and I do want to use them.

It’s just… I’ve got sort of attached to them. I don’t want to dismantle them, or remake them or destroy them in any way. Partly they’re useful (decent boots) and partly I still a feel a tad guilty that there’s probably some builder walking about with no shoes. Or even worse, he dropped something really heavy on his foot and broke it (the boots have steel toe caps). I’ve been wearing them and wandering about, but I’m not quite sure what to do with them. On the plus side, there’d inevitably be walking and it could link back a little to the work for the salon (need to do something, oops) and that’d be a bit easier for me. Maybe. And walking is good.

I don’t know… There’s no bureaucracy in boots. I have no idea why I’m so fixated on that. Maybe I can blame it on reading the Ellie Harrison book (what is it called? Confessions of a data something or other?) recently and seeing the (really nice) forms she use(d) for collecting the data. But there is this…

Ehm…what else is there… I don’t know. I’ve made my bit of studio nice, but no pictures. There was an, ah, incident with the writing desk. It’s waiting for me to figure out how to fix it, or who to badger to get it fixed. Lectures so far have largely consisted of Talking Heads – heard Road To Nowhere three times today… Kinda two too many, as much as I love Talking Heads. And the awkwardness of being asked in a seminar something along the lines of ‘which pop song would you say summed up now’ and a) not knowing anything that’d count as current, b) not remembering the lyrics to any current-ish songs I might know and c) wanting to answer with another Talking Heads song. Yup, going well. Heh. Back to watching The Killing I think…


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