There’s no real point to this, writing for the sake of writing…

In Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art on September 24, 2013 at 3:05 pm

Anything about working simultaneously with boots and receipts just completely failed. Boots it is. There hasn’t been a whole lot, slow week. Just some drawing. The sum total of my activity today has been going on a trek to get clay and a 25kg bag of plaster, and making possibly the crappest cast to exist so far, but then again I’ve not taken it apart yet. Anyway.

This is officially week two.

Week 2– Develop different approaches and ways of working with the ‘object’ that you have chosen.  Think about the following verbs and applying these to your chosen object  (drop, cut, sever, roll, arrange, repair, light, modulate, distill, hide, wrap, expand, inertia- choose your own verbs)

Which is all well and good, the things I started last week were easily arranged under the categories of verbs. And I’ve got things to do…it’s just… I don’t know. There’s so much I could do, the boots are near enough limitless with things to do, but it’s hard to choose where to start. I’ve always be bad with decision making…and finishing anything. Something might magically happen. Anyway.

Verbs currently in use: apologise, dissect, question, walk, drop, kick

Verbs to be used, maybe: abandon, repair, take apart, make, wrap, replace

Lots of pictures. Default drawing is now squiggly squint don’t look at what you’re doing drawing. Which is brilliant.




9822604944_0ca91bfda8_b 9822650963_520f71b7e6_b



I worked out when I first noticed the boots, and made a timeline. I first wore them on 16th October 2012, the exhibition for this project is 17th October 2013. Only a day off… and I wrote about wearing them on 17th October 2012. So I kind of want to write about them as the ‘thing’. I put together all the pictures I have too.




See? All organised under labels…




I found the product name for the boots – they’re Antrim super safety boots as far as I know. The only Antrim I’ve been able to find is County Antrim, N. Ireland. And I have no idea why you’d name a pair of safety boots after Antrim, I did ask someone for anything interesting (not completely randomly, I’m fairly sure he lives/d there). Which ended with the line ‘So really, Antrim’s not got a lot going for it.’



I did some sound recordings on…Friday. I was the last to leave, so it was mostly quiet enough. Dropping them sounds pretty good, the floor kind of vibrates too. Also does it if you put a very very heavy bag of plaster down, that vibrated most of the room I think… So I’m now paranoid that there’s going to be a mysterious plaster bag sized whole in the floor when I come in tomorrow.

And two walking videos – first is from November last year I think, and is walking from C8 in a circle outside and through the other building. The other is from the other day and just walking around my desk. The only difference is really that in the first video they’re not my shoes, but now I do consider them ‘mine’. Even though…they aren’t…really.

We went to the Fruitmarket – as a little school trip, crocodile formation and everything – last week, so I had to buy a book. Not really started it properly yet, but I did – finally – finish the Ingold book I started in, ehm, January. S’good. Must stop buying books. We’re meant to be going to the Talbot Rice twice this week, which is kinda…bad planning. Already been once, I think three times maybe a little excessive. Who knows.

I haven’t even started my 2014 Sketchbook Project. Deadline is January and it’s already September. I’ve forgotten what else I was writing… oh, yeah. Shop has moved across town. All weekend moving boxes and furniture and tidying and just general mess. We’re opening on Friday, so hopefully when I go in then it’ll be all perfect and lovely. I live in hope anyway.


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