an invasion of clay things

In Edinburgh College of Art on October 7, 2013 at 3:05 pm

I’m still denying that it’s week four. But here’s the bit about week four anyway.

Week 4–  In this week we would like you to produce a simple image of your ‘object’. From this image we would like you to produce a series of images that develop the work further, using collage (analogue and digital) Ask yourself is there potential to develop your idea further?

In week 4 there will also be a cross year studio critique with stage 3 students. This will be a time to evaluate what you have done and to discuss your work and the work of others in a group.This time of reflection and discussion should help you identify further avenues of research and opportunities to re-examine these themes, or to change your approach or your media completely and to develop and make new work from what you have learned

There’s three hours set aside for the crit tomorrow. Which…yeah. That’s gonna be fun I’m sure.

I’ve kinda done stuff, but it’s not really collage at all. I have images, because otherwise I won’t know what I’ve done at all. But I’m in a bit of ‘I want to kick the crap out of clay for the rest of my life’ moment, not an ‘oh lets do some collage’ one. So lots of clay things. Start with those I think, there’s video and bits and pieces after but I’ve just been doing these and got quite excited about it all. First some nice things that definitely aren’t mine.


Gabriel Orozco – Yielding Stone, 1992


Gabriel Orozco – My Hands Are My Heart, 1991


Gabriel Orozco – Pelvis, 2007


Fischli/Weiss – mick jagger and brian jones going home satisfied after composing ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’, 1981/2006 from Suddenly the Overview 


Fischli/Weiss – Brick, 1981/2006 from Suddenly the Overview 

The Fischli/Weiss ones are brilliant, there’s over 200 of them, collectively ‘Suddenly The Overview’, depicting a seemingly arbitrary range of moments/events/things/people (real or not) throughout history. Reading a catalogue kinda thing this morning (Flowers & Questions), there’s a nice little (imagined? I’ve forgotten) dialogue in the chapter about the clay things. The nicest bit goes:


” […] But when do we stop?”


“I don’t know – when we run out of clay? We have all the time in the world, nothing much else to do and no death of ideas.”

Just… nice. Anyway, kicking the crap out of clay – it’s a lot of fun, almost as good as squishing clay wrapped in cling film. I’m going to leave them unfired and just let them air dry, partly because they feel really nice once they’re properly dry but mostly because I have no idea if I can even fire them… Maybe that can be part of my non-existent proposal.

I’ve stopped flattening the clay before kicking it (or squishing it, or I don’t know what else), so these stand up instead of lying flat, which I like more. And it’s less recognisable as being pressed against a shoe, which is good. I tried doing something similar with fimo (because it’d be colourful and nice), but it’s just too old and dried out and doesn’t want to cooperate enough.



This one got kicked around in a sort of circle. It’s got carpet texture on bits of it. And a crap map of where it got kicked.





This might be my favourite, or one of them at least (can you imagine – I like something I did…?), rolling/pressing a ball of clay between the soles of my shoes, I wasn’t expecting it to do that at all. Kinda cool though.





More kicking against walls, because that’s always good fun.







Ball of clay, kicked once.




Kicked multiple times against the wall until one side was flat. Got slightly bent being taken off the skirting board, but it’s nice to hold now.



Kicked against the wall (Hunter building) outside, I wanted the bits of crap… And that’s going to feel nice when it’s dried out I think.





And that’s those. I have no idea what else I was going to write about them.

I came in yesterday on my way into the shop (and squished clay and found my memory stick), because it’s only ten minutes or so from the studio, instead of half an hour. So I got to be productive twice (I went through 2.5 boxes of halloween stuff in the shop, we have three child sized cybermen costumes.) Anyway. I was trying to stop breaking the clay things I have, so I wrapped them in paper bags. Wrinkly rustle-y paper is always good.




And some more fimo things, that I still haven’t cooked…



And (I’m getting to the end now, promise) some images. Because I’m probably supposed to be doing that and not kicking stuff. Some from last week. The floor in E26 is amazing, sounds really good to run/walk/jump on.

I think that’ll do…

  1. Wow! What a range of work. Love the process and the outcomes. I especially like the secretive wrapped in brown paper forms.

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