(extra)ordinary objects – final things and so on

In Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on October 18, 2013 at 8:10 am

Sort of neglected writing about work a little (alright, maybe a lot), which is inexcusable I know (but it’s been cold and I’ve been trying to cough up part of a lung). Why I decided twenty minutes before leaving to fly south was a good time to write I don’t know.

Maybe we’ll go backwards.







Yes I do realise the shelf is squint, but then squintness appears to be my superpower. Things that weren’t squint become squint if I go near them, so maybe I’m just a giant…magnet or something. Anyway, squint shelf aside. Ta da… Does that count as making some sort of effort to show things nicely? Possibly not, but we don’t like that bit. Exhibition opening yesterday evening (with hip flask), which wasn’t…awful.

I had a statement to go with the clay things, kind of explaining (but not much) and kind of saying ‘feel free to touch them’, because they were kind of made to be handled. One tutor was against having text with them, the other kind of for having it there. So I got confused and left it out because that was easier. But no one picked them up apart from Steph, so maybe some text would have been useful. Because no one really grabs at stuff if you stick it in a show on a shelf because that’s kind of…weird unless it’s clear that you can.

Bonus pictures of crazy UV paint and Pascal in a bath.




I was meant to be working backwards from that wasn’t I? Ehm. I ended up with two tutorials on Tuesday, I’d only planned for one, so the extra one was largely incoherent and ended pretty much with ‘articulate better, woman!’ (my only defence was I’d sat down to read my book and not think about clay things anymore and I had to start at the beginning with the boots and I managed to forgot what I did in the last two weeks…oops). So here’s a desk full of clay things, because I’ve got no idea what I did.




I filmed a little bit more, of making the clay things. I’m kind of (sort of, not really) planning on something else to film, but judging by the timetable the next project might be a good place to do video-y things. Seeing as there’s workshops on video, sound, performance and light things. Looking forward to the sound one, kinda performance except not if we have to…perform.

Anyway, there was going to be more but I’ve got a plane to catch. So here’s the cat.


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