another private view…

In Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Leicester, Rambling on October 29, 2013 at 4:29 pm

I’ve forgotten where I got to. Ehm. I went south weekend the weekend before last, the first private view for The Salon was that Friday (there was apparently a second, which was on Thursday), which was alright. I had work on walls, just not my wall. And minus the wallpaper. Which was kind of important, it is kinda hard to work remotely for something site specific, but the wallpaper was part of what I was showing. There was a little ‘shadow’ thing of wallpaper instead, which was better than no wallpaper at all, but not really visible.

But here we go. Private view things and stuff.











It’s like being an artist and everything… Only thing is there’s no heating in there, so it’s really cold and the windows get all condensation-y, so the paper wrinkled pretty much overnight. Which sucked, but not really anything I could do. Ehm what else… I bought a camera. Another, yes. A little compact thing so I can take decent pictures of my work without having to drag the DSLR around. (It’s part of the new ‘lets look like I care a little more about how my stuff looks’ plan, not going so well yet).

So that’s that. I’ll come back and ramble about the week and a half that’s missing in a minute, but here’s Otto…


And a nice shelf…


And an ‘oh look it’s where I walked in April I better hurry up before we land’ picture. EMA was insane, completely and utterly insane because it was half term when I flew back – and all their computer things were down so it’s lucky I had my passport otherwise I might have been stranded… A very cheerful pilot though, who gave us a min-lecture on physics whilst we waited around.



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