In Camp 21 - Cultybraggan, Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on November 15, 2013 at 11:20 pm

I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent somewhere, which probably isn’t so bad. The sound and video things I was doing weren’t really going anywhere, and there was a bit of an artschoolitus moment (it’s been going round…), which was mostly an intermedia crisis (official term there). I hadn’t listened to the sound things for a week or so, and they now sound better, but they weren’t really going anywhere. And the video things were just frustrating.

So yeah. I got told to do something I enjoy. I love organising and sorting and colour coding and making lists, so I’m sorting everything I have here in Edinburgh, packing it all into boxes and making a really huge list of everything (in minute detail, naturally). It’s fun, but really really strange to be packing things away and not moving. I’ve only got a few boxes packed at the moment, and only the things I actually need will be kept out, but I’m going to keep everything packed as long as possible. Because unpacking things from storage after several months was brilliant, I’d completely forgotten things that I even owned. And the, very tenuous, original point of this was throwing things away. If I keep things packed for long enough, when I unpack I’ll be able to throw things away that I don’t actually need. Which is the majority of what I have.

The super massive list is already on its fifteenth page, and I don’t know where so much of this stuff came from… Scary. I like being surrounded by stuff, I love objects, but it’s kind of claustrophobic to be sat amongst it all every day. I cleared a space in my room this afternoon to teleport things away and standing in the empty space was weirdly happy, I could spin around and not bump into the clothes horse or a bag or a pile of books or work. Unsettling to see the rest of the room though, because it was a bit on the chaotic side.

Anyway… teleporting. The sound isn’t mine, because my voice recorder is M.I.A, and came from here and here. (Direct influence of living with people that – picking out sound effects for R’s projects is always fun). I’ll probably make my own sound up at some point, because it doesn’t seem quite right yet. But there we go. All my stuff just magically disappeared.

My research is good fun at the moment (but when is it not…), I spent last night looking up Dr Who intro themes and TARDIS noises, there’s a website that has everything! And then watching the Brian Cox thing was totally research too… He says beautiful more than I do.  I’m embracing the bad-but-good sci-fi look. And also the fact that I’m (apparently!) quite direct, evidently a Slytherin trait. Once I’ve finished the super massive list I’m going to play about with a bit, start making it less factual and more fictional, write myself into someone else. I might do a mock up of a mail order style catalogue thing of my possessions, so if you ever needed 1 ball of orange string made from plastic bags or 1 moon on a stick (for a prop, a show, a piece of work, anything) then that’d be filled out and sent to me and I’d send out the thing. I just want forms, really. How sad.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 15.44.49


It’s fun having to describe things in the most succinct way possible. Especially because I have pieces of work in my room and it’s quite hard to describe a lot of them in one line. Like the chalkboards from a first year exhibition, where I got people to roll dice and pick a book and a line and write whatever that was onto the blackboard, so they are described as ‘2 blackboards covered in chance writing’, which was the shortest way of saying that. But some of the things sound kind of poetic, or just plain absurd – like ‘1 medicine bottle containing 5 bells’. And there’s odd combinations of things next to each other, objects that’d never otherwise be in the same place, because the list is just being written as I get to things rather than categorised just yet. So there’s toothpaste next to books next to records next to paint and so on. Quite strange.

And I’ve just noticed zooming in on the zoomed out images looks a bit like those morse code drawings I was doing for a while. Mm pixels.



Cultybraggan stuff is almost entirely drawings at the moment, because I’ve been stuck on the other project and focusing on essay writing… so some drawings. I’ve got kind of focused on paranormal things, Glasgow Paranormal Investigators went and did an investigation there a few years ago and supposedly heard things in German and English, which is kind of interesting because when we went it really didn’t feel…sinister in at all. But it wasn’t night. And there are a couple of people that want to stay there overnight, so maybe I’ll do that. I don’t know. It’s also weird that my great great grandparents actually lived in Comrie…didn’t know that until I came back. So I might write a few letters and see if anyone can remember them there, that’d be strange.




Hmm. What else. Apparently I have a tutorial on Monday with Sara Barker, which is a bit… ‘agghhh must become coherent!’. Tomorrow there’s a Mark Dion talk (oh my god, excitingexcitingexciting) at Talbot Rice. Hm…kinda everything I think. I need to write a statement thing for my exchange application, before the week after next. Prague still gets first choice, but for some strange reason (I’ve completely forgotten why now, I think it sounded nice) Belgium made it onto the list and very possibly Iceland. Oh decisions are hard.  I’ve got essay to write and tea to drink and a long and complicated article about John Cage’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra to read.

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