Time is an illusion (lunchtime doubly so)

In Edinburgh, Rambling on May 8, 2014 at 9:27 pm

There’s been quite a big gap. In which some things happened – reading, Christmas, odd things with hands, odd things in general, an essay was written, a very long train journey between here and there, a trip to the sea, a pointless trip to Comrie, a pointful trip to Comrie, even more reading, a lot of Star Trek watching, a lot of Douglas Adams and an awful lot of Game of Thrones (I’m saving the last half of A Dance With Dragons, because then it’ll be over and I have this horrible feeling someone I don’t want to die will die, such is life).

I can’t be bothered to add everything, so here’s some hands. Mannequin hands from the extensive (or not so extensive since I’ve been through it) collection in the shop. Odd films and odd things, reaching and not letting go and not quite getting there.





I’m planning on doing more with them, because they’re amazing fun. I’m going to make a jacket thing so they can be worn more easily, without my hands showing, but I need to find a way of making them so they’ll attach nicely. At the moment the attaching bits are all different sizes and different shapes and it’d be nice if the hands could be interchanged quickly. I have a jacket, the sleeves might be long enough for hands on top of hands. And if/when I make that…well. More odd videos, more odd photos. I just like having four hands, (and only one of them is a left, I really dislike left hands).

Ehm. I’ve acquired a rocking chair and plants since December. The plants have so far survived over two weeks (you should be impressed at this point). Also carpet, I don’t like the carpet.



At the moment I’m reading a lot about patterns and harmony. Harmongraphs and spirographs and other pretty things. It’s nice. I get to draw spirals all the time and justify it as something productive, a lot of spirals in harmonographs. I’m putting together a database of all the books I have, it’s insane. But my ‘not buying anymore books ever’ policy is going horribly. They’ve overflowed from the bookshelf to the floor and have currently replaced my bedside table (because I’m painting it pretty patterns). I don’t want to think about moving them all (oh, we got a flat. Down the road. Another four bed, but with a different fourth one. So it is only two minutes walk, but carrying around two hundred books up/down three flights of stairs…eh, no thanks). Back to Star Trek… (It’s so funny, but no one else seems to think so…).

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