Pictures and not much else.

In Books, Edinburgh on May 20, 2014 at 2:05 pm

I finished A Song of Ice and Fire yesterday (OH MY GOD WHAT), I’m way ahead of the TV show so now I probably have years to wait until another book appears… Ah well, hundreds of other things to read and Star Trek to watch (I still find The Next Generation funnier than anyone else seems to).

Flat got carpeted a few weeks ago, I still don’t like it. Although it makes sitting on the floor comfier. But having to move everything off the floor (meaning primarily books) means I came across things that had been at the bottom of stacks for a while, and that was nice.



So the other day I finally got round to reorganising all the books. I was going to go for alphabetical, but well. I don’t have enough shelf space for that (alphabetically would mean annoying sized books in the annoying curved shelf, not gonna happen), so it’s instead a mix of thematic (walking, anthropology, rambling, people dying) and putting things together that I think the authors would like. I’m putting together a database of all the books I own, so far it’s on 160-ish that are just in Edinburgh. I think I have a problem.

It means I can’t find anything at the moment. My bedside table has been replaced by the pile of books I want to read next, mostly because the typewriter has taken over the been taken over by super-early-birthday typewriter. It’s turquoise! I love turquoise things! It’s great, I’ve had great fun trying not to break my fingernails. I typed out a cover letter and was incredibly impressed I didn’t get any typos the first time round… I’m not sure my flatmates will like the noise of writing in the middle of the night (clunk clunk clunk ding!), but well, none of them are here for now so it’s fine.




The ribbon could probably do with replacing because it’s a bit pale. It’s 1960s-ish, doesn’t have an !, 1 or 0 and makes the most satisfying ‘ding’ at the end of each line. Of course I still haven’t quite got the paper to go in without going squint, but such is life. Back to reading, started a Murakami this morning and hoping to finish it this afternoon (it’s less than two hundred pages, so doable).

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