I’ve given up on not acquiring more stuff.

In Edinburgh on June 1, 2014 at 5:24 pm

I like things too much. So… a sewing machine has been acquired. Well, it was left on the street (by a bin, not just on the street), so it got carted back here. It works fine (although I’m yet to try threading it), it is missing the box-y-base-part, so it’s sat in a box for now. Eventually I’ll get a proper box thing made up and it’ll look a lot nicer… I’ve had great fun making holes in things though. (In Going Postal there’s this great bit about perforations, it’s like that).








Going from the serial number it’s from 1914 (good coincidence). It was next to (an apparently) working shredder, if we hadn’t just bought a shredder for the shop I’d have taken that too… Even if I can’t thread it/it doesn’t sew for some reason I’m more than happy punching holes in things (it’s great, seriously). I was sewing into paper a while ago, maybe I can do it properly now. Or at least in a less cack way (but then if it isn’t cack I can’t have done it…).

I (eventually) worked out how to replace the ribbon in the typewriter, although I was typing so much that it got used up very quickly (several times). So I had to buy another ribbon (that wasn’t two colours) so I can re-ink it. Even though the ribbon is the right size, the spools are always slightly too big, so it has to be rewound onto the original spools (I have a system now, involving pencils and balancing bits and pieces). It’s a bit of a faff and I don’t need to type too desperately yet, so it can wait. Nails broken so far: 1

I’m slowly working through everything I should have read already, and some things I’ve already read (Lirael, re-reading Douglas Adams when I get a chance). I just ordered Crystallography by the same guy that wrote Eunoia, which I really liked. I’m heading off in a text-based direction, and not hand-based at all. Oh well, doing is doing. I’m hoping to sneak back into the studios in a few weeks or so, whenever degree show is out of the way, so I can have somewhere to work again. Turns out I don’t work well from home. Got to go punch more holes in things…


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