…it doesn’t sew.

In Books, Edinburgh on June 2, 2014 at 9:28 pm

Which may just be me being an idiot, but it *is* missing one of the tension cog things, which would probably help. Well, no. It sews. But after two or three stitches it gets impossibly tangled and I have to spend half an hour unpicking it all. I don’t have any fabric I can use, so maybe it just really hates paper. Of course I can’t actually thread the needle, magnifier and balancing on books or no. So it can stay as a glorified hole punch for now (but what a good hole punch…).

I changed the typewriter ribbon instead (with a minimum of fuss), so that’s good. Especially now I’ve got the spools the right way round (I’d got them mixed up, still works, but it’s much smoother now). New ribbon is super dark, hopefully I’ll get a few uses out of it before I have to ink it.

Have some hand drawings instead. I haven’t got around to making up the odd jacket thing I was going to make (to make filming the hands easier, so you can’t see my real hands). I think i worked out how, but it’ll have to wait until I get into the wood workshop.



At some point I bough a Moleskine sketchbook, I have no memory of doing that but I’m finally using it anyway. Not sure it’s really worthy of my scrawling, but no matter. Steadily reading my way through T. S. Eliot, although sidetracked by The Love Song of J. Morris Housecat (of course I had to buy the whole book of them…) – do I dare / jump on the table? 

Caught up in patterns again (as always), bought a colouring book like one I used to spend hours doing when I was little. All patterns in a neat little square, I had a green Manilla folder full of photocopies of the ones I liked the most, must have got through a lot. Vaguely drawing my own up, but nice to colour others in. I spent about two hours doing one this afternoon, my ability to colour in has not improved in the last decade or so (speaking of, I’m almost two decades old, my back is agony so I feel at least twice that at the moment).

Read The Geometry of Art & Life, but didn’t retain a lot other than ‘oooh pretty patterns and some maths stuff’. Eventually I’ll read it properly and it’ll make sense, or I’ll find someone more intelligent to explain it in half a dozen words. I did finally read Invisible Cities though… That one only took nine months to get around to.

Bonus image: Goodreads knows me too well.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 18.49.58

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