I am still alive…

In Edinburgh on October 3, 2014 at 3:45 pm

Yes, yes. It’s been a little while. Stuff happened and somehow I don’t have any time left to sit down and write anything. But here we are. Only, what? Four, five months? So. Ehm. We’ll just fill some space with unimportant things. I almost moved down the road, did an about turn and moved somewhere else entirely with someone else entirely. Happiness ensued. But there we go. We have a garden. Next door have the most amazing door handle. The paint is peeling off our doorframe in a very satisfying way. IMG_1161 IMG_1358 IMG_1159 IMG_1124   Also TARDIS bedding, because why not. IMG_1157 I’ve officially become a third year (aaaaggggghhhhhhhh). New studio space. I started walking a lovely greyhound. I survived the festival (and went to a grand total of two things at the book festival). I got older (no longer a teenager). We went to Glasgow and were sad outside GSA. I submitted work into two exhibitions over the summer (The Dark. Outside. and A Letter In Mind). I went to see Neil Gaiman in July and it was AMAZING. IMG_1468 Now that’s all the important things out of the way I’ll go try and write something work related…


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