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finland and back again

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It’s been a semi-busy…five months (!!) including: dissertation research, Finland, a birthday on an island full of Moomins, Denmark, waiting hours in Copenhagen airport, going to one thing during the Fringe (yeah I’m awful) and working. And avoiding blogging apparently. Nah, I’ve not felt like writing much. So pictures galore. Licquorice ice cream exists and it’s glorious.







I got some really beautiful cotton yarn in Finland (above), it’s quite wide, but thin. Like t-shirt yarn…but proper. And I got a load of Texere yarn for £2 in a charity shop the other week, so so pleased about that. Waiting on some linen and shiny yarn to be delivered. Growing flax did not go well. At all. The building site…grew. A lot.

Dissertation wise I’m going for ‘threads that talk: textiles as communicaiton’. It’s taken me five months to get a title… Ugh. Weaving wise I haven’t done a whole lot, I figured out the doubleweave that makes doublewidth fabric, and I’m slowly working on altering my pattersn to fit into that pattern. If that makes any sense. It’s complicated. I’ll draw a diagram or something at some point. I’m working up to doing the pattern that makes a FOUR PAGE BOOK (!!!), but that can’t be altered. I’ve started doing traditional/real/proper patterns and collecting the data from making them to make something new. (I’m thinking ahead here, for if I get project space/crit in the first few weeks), so they’d be shown together. Slowly working on a group publication…someday. Avoiding thiinking about the fact that it is my FOURTH year here. Sigh. I’m sure there was something else, but I’m mush from working open day (so many people, so many tours, so few questions, so much talking at blank faces).



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It’s odd how words/writing seem to be my exhibition default, expect lots more word things. Can’t go wrong with words, not really, and I’m fairly sure I can write. Not so sure about anything else, so maybe it’s not so strange at all. Although perhaps I should be a tad more…adventurous, I don’t know. Next year…but then I’ll probably say that every year. I had a sort of plan yesterday – or the day before – and now I don’t so much. More words.





I’m sort of tempted by the Glasshouse Request, writing writing writing. I might do something, I might not. And now I want a pseudonym…

April 8th seems to be a good day for dying – Thatcher, Picasso, Cobain and the first Briton to die in the electric chair. I’m having an Andrew Marr moment, I like the impersonations of Attlee in the Making of Modern Britain…and don’t forgot the woollen swimming costume… Anyway, yesterday was Winston Churchill Day, fifty years ago Churchill became the second person to become an honorary citizen of the U.S. (the first being the Marquis de LaFayette). Interesting fact for the day right there. Today is Sibling’s Day, which is hard for me to do anything for, tomorrow is 8 track tape day and some other things.

‘Make up a holiday day’

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Not actually much to say. But today is Make Up A Holiday Day, which is a nice coincidence, yesterday we were talking about having a Snufkin Sunday. I started looking for odd national holidays this morning and found that. So I did. I’ve decided (based on weather forecast alone) that next Monday will be Wander Aimlessly In The Manner Of Snufkin Day. Or possibly a better name.

There’s not really much said about where Snufkin goes, he goes south for the winter and comes back for the spring. Given that it’s (supposedly) spring I’m going to migrate north. I’m not sure how far I’ll walk, just north until I get to something interesting/beautiful I guess. We’ll see on Monday… I need to create a pack or something, things to survive. Shelter. Not sure what else.

I’m planning on observing/following/doing something for as many national days (if they can be called that) as possible. Ideally a years worth. There’s plenty of odd ones… Walk Around Things Day, Draw A Picture Of A Bird Day, Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. It’ll be nice to have something slightly independent of set studio work I think…

20130326-081244 PM.jpg

I found a PDF of Joyce’s Ulysses, which I’ve started. I think it’ll be nicer – easier – to read in book form. I didn’t realise how long it was… It’s funny though, in a way. I’ve read most of The Dubliners by now, I read The Dead and picked a Father Ted to watch at random, strangely the one where Father Jack dies & there’s a (slightly amended) paragraph or so from The Dead at the end… Art appearing in everyday things… Anyway. I’d been writing everything from walks – thoughts, associations. ideas – which is oddly Ulysses like in it’s stream of consciousness, didn’t realise that until this morning either. I started writing a big version yesterday morning, and we went to the Annie Lennox thing at the Portrait Gallery which had a very big wall of continuous text. Funny how these things keep turning up – interruptions on the radio yesterday… That’s pretty much all the excitement I think – essay deadline passed uneventfully (aside from getting giggly on a pitiful amount of beer). There’s a vague rumour of belated feedback at some point soonish. Maybe.

It’s really nice not doing anything.

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Even though I’m actually doing things, there’s an illusion of not doing anything seeing as there no studio project at the moment (but I know what it is, and I’m thinking about it…vague idea for that too, I’m just refusing to do anything about it). ‘Not doing anything’ actually means being slightly adventurous and lacking any restraint in choosing library books. And not getting up early, but still not really sleeping. No joy with the radio interruptions again (I need a hug, seriously), but next project might work with that, so if need be I could always…broadcast it myself. Somehow.

There’s not a whole lot to write… Crit-that-wasn’t-really was alright, it’s hard to talk/explain when it’s already been…explained and I’d just be repeating and I don’t like doing that. Managed not to get lost in the ECA library though…and I managed to not clear out the little fluxus section. Yet to brave the scary-huge-real library, even though the most useful looking books are there. Tomorrow…or the day after…some point. In the future. Not really read much, even though that was my (not so) cunning plan for today – I’m closer to finishing The Dynamics of Creation though, a year and a half after buying the silly thing. Hopefully (theoretically) I’ll have started essay writing by the end of the week, that’s a very very optimistic plan.

I have a new plan for research (really peaked too soon – last essay had nice, feasible, research, this is far far harder), and it’ll keep me happy/amused. It might help if I put the essay question in, so it makes some sense.

Well listen
Well the modern world is not so bad
Not like the students say
In fact I’d be in heaven
If you’d share the modern world with me
With me in love with the U.S.A now
With me in love with the modern world now
Put down the cigarette
And share the modern world with me
– Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers

Was the modern world ‘not so bad’? Discuss in relation to two modernist art movements of the early twentieth century.

It starts with a song, and I like putting interesting things into essays – can you see where I’m going yet? I’m going to attempt to get as many lyrics in as possible, without it being forced, which is probably harder than it sounds. And a few years ago (in the odd five minutes when I thought doing an economics degree might be interesting) there was an essay competition that I never did, the title I liked was War. What is it good for? True fact. I’m going to find some relevant people to ask though, and make a little playlist to go alongside the essay. Nothing really to do with anything (well, sorta is) and definitely more for my amusement than anything else. But then most of the essay was just for fun too. Evidently works. Starts here…

I’m yet to make any actual progress on y’know…writing the essay. I’ve got a semi-useable bibliography/reference list and an appendix, which is something. My vague bits of argument are now even more vague. I need to reread all my notes I think. And colour code. That always helps. If I’m feeling really optimistic (pah!) I might start a paragraph, blank pages are scary again which isn’t good.

And now there’s just a lot of pictures. Mostly of drinks. Good coffee (and also some very tiny spoons) – and pens my mum sent me.


And then onto gin (or cider, if you’re strange like Steph). Managed to take up quite a big table between the two of us.


I started today with tea and disputing Freud. Always a good start to a day…


Wall is looking incredibly sad at the moment, everything has been stuffed in the back of my sketchbook to be dealt with when I need to avoid essay writing. That sign is the best thing I’ve ever got through the post. Or the best that I can remember. Trouble is I haven’t worn my lab coat for a while. And I did buy more tea, just for my desk. There’s now a choice of three.


I forgot some interesting things

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This first, because it makes me laugh. Otto is a cat, by the way. Not a person. His full name, or one of them anyway, is Mr Otto B. Wiggles. I have no idea what the B stands for anymore…Brian? I don’t know.

Essay – all 1,276 words of it – looks like this at the moment (which probably isn’t that interesting). The things on the right are all six appendices condensed into one huge thing. But they do all need to be there, otherwise all the bits where I’ve cited things people have said will make no sense at all. And the huge red bit on the left is a paragraph I really don’t like, but haven’t had a chance to rewrite yet.

And we have a new drawing project for tomorrow…

Researching and developing ideas can take many forms but drawing is still the fundamental vehicle  to think out and transmit visual ideas.

In this project you will consider strategies for both collecting ideas and ways of working. Using the Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street as a starting point you will spend two days drawing in various forms.

There will be two distinct methods; the first day will be a reconnaissance trip around the museum, taking notes, making drawings, recording what interests you and what catches your eye. This will be done primarily in a sketchbook.

The second day will involve making a large series of small drawings on pre-prepared surfaces with a wide range of materials.

What can you draw with?

  • Pencil (different grades)
  • Marker pen
  • Conte crayon
  • Promarker
  • Coloured pencils
  • Felt tip
  • Conte pencils
  • Oil pastel
  • Fineliner pens

Surfaces for drawing:

  • Different types of paper
  • Card
  • Coloured paper and card
  • Card prepared with acrylic wash

Other materials you will need will be a small drawing board and something to attach your paper to it.

These drawings can then be developed in any subject area.

I tend to like most things that involve the word ‘collecting’. And small things are good, although it’ll be a bit weird drawing small. All the other classes we’ve been drawing on A1. I need to start going through all of those and choosing which ones (I hope there’s some, if there isn’t I’m screwed) to take with me for assessment. I know I’m being pre-emptive, but that’s just what I do. The endurance drawing project just fitted quite well into what I was doing then I think, that was straight after life drawing (which was actually quite lovely and messy) and by then I’d gotten used to drawing classes (they’re scary things to start with, especially if your drawing ability is…minimal). So that was the optimum point for drawing I think, it started going backwards after that. Maybe it’ll start going forwards again, although I doubt it.

I got round to putting all 194 pictures in one place.

And I turned my fairy lights on the other day, they’ve been up since I found them in my biscuit tin (which has never actually had biscuits in it) when I was unpacking all of my stuff, but I’ve never turned them on (that I can remember).

Still no feedback, which is sad.

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