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first weavings of the semester // the high mill

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It’s been a busy, blog-free, fewe weeks. Somehow it’s October. I finished the metadata weaving I started a while ago, I’ve started writing my dissertation, I’m about to buy a knitting machine, and I’ve been working with LEAPS for the last week, so I’ve not been in the studio a whole lot (except at odd times). We were down at the Heriot-Watt School of Textiles yesterday and, minus the incredibly vomit inducing coach trip there, it was amazing. I’ve never seen so many looms in once place. AND SO MUCH YARN. I think I was far more excited than any of the students – we had a machine knitting workshop yesterday, hence the sudden buying of one. It’s super amazing. And my data-weaving can be translated into data-knitting, because I’m going to buy one that uses punchcards and it’s all about numbers and oh my it’s so good. Punchcards! I can’t afford a loom that uses them, but I can knit with them! I’m considering trying to get a second supervisor for my (hypothetical) MPhil from Heriot-Watt, becasue they have an amazing weaving studio and I could do with the technical advice.

Anyway. Pictures from yesterday, then weaving.




A lot of time has passed since I started writing this post…as in I started in my lunch break and it’s now 18:35 and I’m hungry. So I’ll do the long explaining thing some other time, maybe tomorrow morning. ALSO, Martin Creed is doing the Friday Talk tomorrow, how good is that?! So here we go, a traditional pattern, and my own pattern made from making the other pattern.


I got a loom sized table made. Life is so much better and more comfortable.


Right. The first rather dark cycle home of the year, and food.


Finished things…

In Edinburgh College of Art on February 15, 2013 at 7:13 pm

I’m kind of…done. Which is good, but bad because I like having stuff to do. Next week will be gallery-ing and attempting to start the essay (I still don’t quite know what I want to write yet) and not going to London because it made my head hurt and sounded far far far too stressful to be worth it. Another (more organised) time… Back to the point. I finished the rug yesterday (there was a victory dance involved). It’s so wonky I want to cry.



It’s been all over the place today – and before it was finished actually. Semi finished first…









It started off out of the way before making it to the main doors. It’s really odd how no one wants to walk on it – I sat and filmed for a while and people would walk in really odd ways just to avoid stepping on it. Which is quite sweet in a way, because it’s not being ruined by their feet, but annoying because it’s been made to stand on, it feels nice to stand on. I’ve got a load of screenshots from the video (because it’s shit video really) which are interesting. It’s been moved more out of the way (it’d been kicked to one side eventually), we’ll see if it’s still there whenever I’m next in. It’s quite obvious it’s me though, seeing as I had to take it round everywhere and sat staring at it for ages. I don’t know whether crazy rug girl is better than indecisive whisky girl or crazy cat lady. Probably not.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 14.57.43


Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 14.58.20


There’s not a whole lot to say about it really…as a ‘thing’ it’s alright (which is annoying, the amount of time it took). The radio stuff is far more interesting, and might go somewhere and I just like that more (possibly because it hasn’t actually happened yet, it could still be crap). We’ll see. There’s a lot to talk about, because I’ve been sort of working on it since last year (I love being able to say that), and I have no idea how to condense that into something coherent for a crit. Hm. It won’t be disastrous, I don’t think, even if we do get graded on nine things instead of three. The next two projects could be disastrous because they’re worth something/important, and the one after could be simply because it involves showing work. But – exciting things – I’ve been officially switched to Intermedia, which is quite lovely.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 19.03.19


So much of a life today, I could almost keel over. Good coffee, and toilets that make me happy.



And (early – but after four, which is apparently the point after which drinking whisky becomes acceptable) whisky, nothing new. It’s still so novel that we actually go do something that it does deserve to be added onto here.


Lack of interruptions and the complexities of trying to be nice

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The whole amazing thing I got so excited about…didn’t happen. There was just a lot of swearing on my part instead. But it should happen next Tuesday, may as well say now though. I made fake-number-station-noise, which was supposed to be broadcast on the student radio that no one really knew existed, but done so it’d seem like interference, rather than something deliberate. But didn’t happen, because they couldn’t get into the studio for some reason. So I sat in an empty room recording crap music for an hour just in case it suddenly happened. Next week…next week. And the noise… It’s a tad quiet, I got my laptop to talk because I couldn’t do it in a regular enough rhythm. I kept having to breathe and stuff. Ridiculously excited again now.

I’ve got a whole load of interruption-y stuff to look at too, which is always good. There’s a whole load of short films made to be shown in between programmes – unexpectedly – which are interesting, there’s one by John Smith, who did The Girl Chewing Gum – the end sounds like some of the noise I have, but it’s just nice anyway. I like the David Hall ones, it’s not letting me embed them though (Emma, I guarantee you’ll need to pee after watching it). And there’s a nice quote to go with it.

The idea of inserting them as interruptions to regular programmes was crucial and a major influence on their content. That they appeared unannounced, with no titles, was essential.. These transmissions were a surprise, a mystery. No explanations, no excuses. Reactions were various. I viewed one piece in an old gents’ club. The TV was permanently on but the occupants were oblivious to it, reading newspapers or dozing. When the TV began to fill with water newspapers dropped, the dozing stopped. When the piece finished normal activity was resumed. When announcing to shop assistants and engineers in a local TV shop that another was about to appear they welcomed me in. When it finished I was obliged to leave by the back door. I took these as positive reactions…’
DH, 19:4:90 Television Interventions catalogue, 1990.

Hall’s transmissions formed part of the SAC’s Locations Edinburgh event, the first exhibition in Britain to be staged outside the confines of a gallery.

If the last bit is true then it’s rather fitting, or more so. I really never thought I’d say it, but I quite like doing sound things. Although they all sound quite similar so far, stuck on creepy and distorted I think. Broadcasting seems like an oddly…comfortable way of showing/releasing/however you want to say it work. I don’t like that at the best of times (although I’m better at it, maybe…). It’s not really that it’s ‘easier’ to make something that sounds nice instead of something that looks nice, but I really don’t have to be there for it to happen! Which is always good.

It’s horribly horribly impossible to do nice things, and it really shouldn’t be! I sent badges to three people – two in the post and one as a scavenger hunt. I successfully managed to freak out the poor souls that got them in the post, I’m doubtful that the scavenger hunt was actually ‘sweet’. Remind me to never do that again, I’ll just give up on nice things for now. It’s odd how it can become so…distorted, into this suspicious almost hostile thing, when all I wanted was to sort of say thank you without actually doing that. Ah well. Something to think about.

Rug is quite rug like. It was briefly an interesting skirt this afternoon though. I’ve done six rows, only three more… and all the squares are done and dyed. No more knitting for quite a while now I think.







I’ve been saving all the bits of string, because they look nice. Evidence…







No Wednesday whisky, Friday whisky instead. It was going to be a post-crit celebration, but crit ha been moved to Monday I think, although they’re individual ones rather than talking at lots of people. Which is fine. Wednesday gallery-ing and getting very rained on instead. There’s an incredibly vague (and stress inducing!) idea of what I wouldn’t really call a trip to London next week, more of an ‘oh look you all turned up, that’s nice’. I was quite happy having never ever had to deal with looking up hotel rooms. I’m quite happy to never have to do that again. It’s lucky I never spend money really, if I do end up going. Nothing else is really happening next week, no teaching. So I’m going to actually read for the damn essay I’m supposed to know what I’m doing for. Not going well, that. I need to go wrap birthday presents and do work and sleep and I don’t know what else.

More colourful things…

In Edinburgh College of Art on February 11, 2013 at 9:06 pm

I had such high hopes of being amazingly productive today and that just…didn’t happen (although, it didn’t happen because several hours were spent talking of all things). I’ve only got twelve more ‘squares’ to knit for the sort-of-possibly-pointless rug (I say pointless, because something possibly better might happen tomorrow, but it’s too exciting and if it’s crap it’ll be really depressing), I spent quite a while dying more (only 18 cyan squares left to do…). It’s made a bit of a mess, but it looks tasty.







Looks better as some a pair of rather snazzy trousers I think. Although if it rains that won’t go well.



Not much else to add… I’m at the point where I’m getting a bit sick of this work, and I’m actually looking forward to doing pretty much nothing next week (nothing actually being attempting to read and start essay writing and I don’t know what else). I actually finished a book yesterday (never mind that it’s taken a month, and it was quite a short book). Ehm. This has kinda come up a lot lately but…art school is far more cliquey than I’d (perhaps quite naively) imagined. I have no idea why I thought it wouldn’t be, but it’s a little disappointing. I don’t particularly mind, it just seems…odd almost.  I’m going to go sleep (or more accurately, go watch the nice old series of House of Cards), I’ve been struggling to make coherent sentences again (brain is completely…gone – I managed to sabotage the card machine in Sainsbury’s twice).

I’m getting a bit sick of knitting.

In Edinburgh College of Art on February 8, 2013 at 9:30 pm

I’m not a completer finisher. Hence losing all interest in finishing the scarf-that-looks-like-sweetcorn, and cutting down the rug so there’s a more manageable number of squares to knit (read: I’m making it more of a square, albeit a squint one). Only 26 or so left to do…and then dye them all, and stitch them all together… There’s more squares than this, but I completely forgot to take a picture before I left.


I have slightly clearer sound of knitting needles clicking and thread squeaking, so I’m going to distort that over the weekend and add in some numbers (all of the data that the colours refer to is numbers after all, it’d be nice to use it). I spent last night looking for ways to broadcast noise, the least illegal way would probably be via the student radio thingy (I’ve sent an email, asking if it’d be at all possible to interrupt programmes for several seconds with my audio – I have no idea if it’ll even work, but wouldn’t that be good?). Hopefully that’ll work out, or if not I’ll find another way to do something vaguely similar. I’d say that was quite outside the white cube…I seem to be sticking to a little bit creepy (totally given up on doing nice things, seems to only be freaky) and the number stations broadcasts sound quite eerie/freaky (especially if you decide early in the morning is a good time to research, my fault I know). And I found a nice collection of recordings of number stations.

More projection-y things…just because it’s fun than any real reason. Maybe that’s a good enough real reason. I do keep needles in my hair.





Knitting, but with the wrong sounds. It’s odd to watch something and not hear the right noise, so these have the original noise from the water video (pile driver and waves) and then the edited version of knitting on the sculpture court (which technically is the right thing, but doesn’t sound it).

Looking through pictures of books (it’s sometimes easier to photograph bits of books rather than write it all out…) I found this lovely little bit, which I’d completely forgotten about. But it fits nicely, I think I chose it because it fitted nicely at the time…good that it still does I guess. Kind of like the David McCandless infographics and Information Is Beautiful, but more physical, tangible. Data is almost always flat, on paper or a screen and it’s nice (I need a dictionary) to be able to hold it, wear it, be surrounded by it.


And Steph came in with this for me this morning, story of my life… I’m so unbelievably screwed if I ever need to anything not squint.


I’m trying and failing to answer these questions for the feedback I have to write (yeah yeah, early I know).

  • If you were to do this again would you do it differently?
  • What will you do next as a result of what you have learned?
  • How have you evidenced your outcomes?
  • What methods have you used to communicate your outcomes?
  • How well did you present your outcomes?
  • What was difficult about this project?

Inevitably, yes to the first one. No idea for the second. I have absolutely no idea for the fifth.

Paper bags (a lot of them)

In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things on February 7, 2013 at 6:29 pm

And lots of other stuff too, other stuff comes first. Started doing video stuff again, I can’t quite remember why (it was more than about half an hour ago, so no chance…), but this is apparently an acceptable finished piece (which I entirely disagree with, but it could be true – and I’d have a lot more time if all it took was filming several seconds of interesting things every now and then). It also sounds like Jaws, which I do agree with, although I’ve never seen Jaws (just the bit that sounds like the noise) – also…never seen Star Wars. I’ve forgotten what number phenomena it is, although I’m going to guess 70 or so, it was after I’d been called an artist by a librarian.

I’ve added new noise to it, the sound I have from sitting on the sculpture court and knitting sounds sort of like these, in that it’s really distorted (without me doing anything – sculpture court is echoey and has a brilliant floor for walking on) and kind of…electronic-y maybe. It’s actually just people talking, footsteps, something beeping (really high pitched and annoying) and occasional clicking of needles/me muttering. I’ve distorted it a bit more, so it sounds more like the number stations – I had an amazing plan of finding one on my radio, but I’ve rubbed off the labels for the buttons from using it too much and I’m not sure that it does analogue. I’m kind of tempted to add in numbers, and make a kind of fake version. Because I’ve got a whole lot of numbers from the phenomena data, and they’re not being used for much, and it’d be good to do something with them. I’m trying to work out how (and how possible it’d be) to broadcast it in some way. Anyway, creepy noise with creepy video. Not intentionally.

I played it quite big on Wednesday or whenever in the room of blackness (expect where it isn’t), with speakers so it was loud. As sinister as it seems to sound it was quite nice being sat in the dark with it. I’m getting distracted by video/projecting things again, which is fine but it’s harder to find a way to do that – I can leave rugs and squares all over the place, projectors require some darkness and plugs and me staying with it so it doesn’t vanish. As much as I love the-almost-entirely-dark-room, it’s specifically used for showing work, so that doesn’t really fit with the whole project of ‘go put your work somewhere that work doesn’t normally go’. There’s too many things I need to do, I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to present as a vaguely final thing, I’m meant to know that. I’ve narrowed down what I was doing, but it’s hard to definitively say what I’ll show next Friday.

I have some screenshots of the knitting noise (the effect that made it sound interesting was ‘wahwah’, which is incredibly fun to say), it’s very…spiky.

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 11.04.13

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 11.04.13-2

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 11.00.39

I did the liney sound videos again, they sound much better with speakers that aren’t on the ceiling. And the screenshots I have look nice big.


Paper bags… intermedia-paper-bag-man (it’s too much fun hyphenating people) brought me a pile of 32 paper bags (well, it was 32 – he drew on one then took it away before I could steal it) and a pen (used for the square drawings I like), which is supposedly quite precise. Although I’m unable to do anything that’s not slightly (or very) squint, it’s a nice pen though. It was very hard to not squeal in happiness, I like pens. I’m not actually doing anything with paper bags (I wrote that, then realised I’d made a huge paper bag the other week), so I’m not quite sure how I ended up with bags, but they’ll be useful… I’m using one as blotting paper at the moment, I was colouring in squares of tissue earlier (I don’t know either, it’s best not to ask anymore), and the paper-bag-pen bled through nicely.




Wall is slowly filling up again, although more with random crap than anything (fortune cookie wrapper, fortune, bits and pieces from my flat). I took the last of my milk in today, I felt like soya milky tea for a change. (The wine glass is not for drinking purposes, it’s been used for I don’t know what since December).


Steph stuck this onto my wall, seeing as I’m having to knit so much.


The now traditional Wednesday whisky, I’m attempting to work through as many as possible…yesterday was Talisker which is tasty (aahh alliteration). Not such a good idea to try whisky before trying weird flavoured cider, eugh.


I’m meant to be knitting again, but this needed writing and we actually left in the daylight for once (I think staying late so often means we can leave early every now and then). It looked like this out of my window this morning, which was nice and cheerful.


More knitting and (possibly) sweet/creepy things

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on February 4, 2013 at 9:52 pm

I have more string (500g of string, actually), I was so pleased (sadness of my life…), less pleased that there was no sticky back plastic…but I got some from somewhere else. I can sort of get to more places than just my flat and ECA without a map, which is good. Although not so good in that I walk home without thinking, and that means I’ll need to go shopping and find myself already at home without quite knowing how. So far I’ve only managed to knit one more square for the rug – I’ve decided I’m going to replace doormats with it, just as something slightly cheerful – one of many things I should be doing now.


I started knitting the scarf squares on Saturday, it’s a bit of a pain because it’s really easy to spike the wool(ish) and accidentally add in an extra stitch. They’re bigger too, and smaller stitches. So it takes me about an hour to do each one, I am an incredibly slow knitter… Much quicker with the string, but I don’t really fancy wearing the string! The scarf squares actually stay (quite) soft after being dyed… I worked out how long it’s going to be, 22 squares, at about 4″ for each square. That’s longer than all of my other scarves, and as long as the brown paper.


I’ve done five squares, and dyed four of them. I’m doing them by colour, seeing as there’s only five colours for this set of data (did I ever say? I don’t know…it’s going to be all the phenomena collected on the subway, colours relate to the train lines they were on). It’s mostly orange though… When I was knitting yesterday I noticed I’d done each one that I’d knitted in my flat in a different place, so I’m going to map out the train lines from where I knit. The fifth one (that needs to have a colour chosen for it) was done on the floor of the sculpture court, 53.5″ away from a specific light on the floor. So if you see me sat somewhere knitting…that’s why. It won’t be evident from the scarf itself, and there’s no way I’m redoing the yellow ones so they make the Q line, but I’ll know the rest have been done like that and I’ll be happier… I like it when things link nicely together again. I just spent half an hour trying to find a line from a song about self-referencing, and it wasn’t at all how I remembered so it’s not at all useful anymore.



I have a video of knitting the third yellow square, and some bits of sound from knitting one of the others and all the sound from knitting the sculpture court one (it sounds totally different from how I remember it sounding, if that makes any sense?). As…evidence. I like having evidence, proof, which is why I keep so many sketchbooks (I’m on the fourth A4 book, and second small one…and there’s several others floating about) and date everything. I like knowing what happened when, because I don’t remember anything too useful unless it’s written down, but I have a pretty much photographic memory of really useless things. I was reading articles on memory at the end of last week, after the treasure hunt, which were interesting but I have no idea what I was going to say (I’ve written it on a to do list – ‘blog, memory articles’ and now it means nothing to me…). I’ll have to read it again, obviously. There were some more interesting ones about social memory, although they were all in psychology journals and documenting experiments so mostly…totally beyond my comprehension. I got the general gist anyway…it’s kind of reassuring to know things about memory, if that makes sense. Or know as much as can be known. Think Steph’s totally contaminated me with her science-y-ness! (In the best possible way). Point is…I just can’t understand how people can’t document work in some way, sketchbook or whatever else. Just…how?! It is really hard to document some of this – I think I’m going to have to resort to some interviews at some point – which is incredibly frustrating. But there’s…stuff. And stuff is good. So here’s a really really fast video of me knitting, with whisky (although that just makes my already bad knitting worse). I do honestly talk to myself that much, part of the reason why it’s sped up because I know I talk crap. And I do keep needles in my hair.

I posted a possibly creepy thing this evening, although it could be sort of…sweet? I don’t know! And it’s going to be awkward to find out. I sent a badge, and a piece of evidence of phenomena #17 (which is a Baldessari print, and doesn’t have much to do with the evidence), from all my evidence of being at the Metropolitan Museum I sent the outer wrapper from a sweet from Felix González-Torres pile of candy that was there. It matched the colour of the badge…and I don’t know! It was posted at 5:38pm this evening. I’ll do more tomorrow, probably. And then…we wait. And then interview and/or run away and claim absolutely no knowledge. Which isn’t really possible, given that I’ve just written it here.


I made what can loosely be called a pattern for the rug/doormat, so I know where everything’s going. Squares are another thing I can’t draw. (Although, I’m having questions answered by intermedia-paper-bag-square man on Thursday, one of my questions was along the lines of ‘how the hell are they so damn neat?!’ so I might learn to do neat squares one of these days – as exciting/interesting as that is it’s also scary).


My desk looks so colourful at the moment.


Another nice lecture this morning too, I’m indecisive about which essay question to do again… I made incredibly squint cakes on Saturday. They taste really eugh too, I’m blaming the stupid microwave. Eventually I’ll have a real oven and I can bake until I just can’t bake anymore. Also…this is entirely true. It’s really uncomfortable to wear rings anywhere other than my ring finger. Optimistic as ever.


Never too much string.

In Edinburgh College of Art on February 2, 2013 at 12:00 am

I ran out of string yesterday, even more annoyingly the college shop ran out of string, so no more string knitting until Monday at the earliest. I went to go buy sticky back plastic today to make my badges a bit more substantial, and they’d run out of that too…I have no luck at the moment. I did get some (ha!) wool though… It’s big enough to lose my needles in.


I’ll almost definitely make a scarf, but might look up doing something else even if I don’t understand knitting patterns…(although I did teach myself to cast off the other day, which was an achievement) That’d probably need actual fabric dye though, seeing as I’ve been using watered down acrylic and it does dry quite stiff. On the plus side my washing line/thread dying device is looking nice at the moment. I started sewing the dyed square-ish things together, having covered embroidery thread in splotches of all six colours (categories, remember?). It’s going to be 8 squares by 13, 8 squares is just under the width of my desk, so it might actually be rug sized and useable. I was standing on the squares I’ve done and it felt quite nice, in a tickly kind of way. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with it, but I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing anyway (even worse because I’m supposed to know what I’m doing…). I’ll get to the pictures.





It’s inevitably gone a bit squint already. I’m hoping it’ll look better when it’s all done (the only way of describing how all the different colours look together is ‘tasty’), but I’m happier having got a bit more of a thing, instead of a load of white squares. In shoe terms, it’s about two and half size eight boots wide (yes, I have ridiculous sized feet, but I’m practically a giant in Scotland).


I’ve got things with memories to send, but I have no idea if that’s a bit too creepy or not, they’d be sent to people that have no connection to the memories or phenomena. I’ve got links that’ll be sent with them – links to videos, sounds or images that are the actual phenomena or just part of related memories. I kind of need new data to make new things from, but…I don’t know what sort of data. And I’d have to colour code it all again, and it’d make my beautiful (ehm…) rug redundant. I don’t know… I need to do something, but I can’t do anything because I’m in the middle of doing things and can’t think anymore. When in doubt…Martin Creed comes to the rescue with his awkward-but-just-right words.

“I do it because I want to make something. I think that’s a desire, you know, or a need. I think that I recognise that I want to make something, and so I try to make something. But then you get to thinking about it and that’s where the problems start because you can’t help thinking about it, wondering whether it’s good or bad.”

“… wanting to communicate and wanting to say hello.”

I know what I want to do, but I can’t quite…get it to happen how I want, or even know how most of the time. I want to do something genuinely nice, to make something better. The visual, or…experiential maybe?, equivalent of a really nice cup of tea when it’s really cold outside, someone making a cake for you, a good hug. It’s turned out to be so bright and colourful and so cheerful looking. If it can make someone smile – even in an ‘oh dear, this is a bit weird’ sort of way – I think I’ll be happy. It’s just doing that that’s hard! Which I wasn’t really expecting, it shouldn’t be so hard to do something nice…

This week has been pretty damn phenomenal in actually doing things – Scotsman steps on Monday, venturing to the pub on Wednesday and seeing Django Unchained tonight (I wasn’t expecting it to be so funny – although possibly only so funny due to awkward laughter). I might just implode from all the excitement… Still need to go to the thing that opened today at the Fruitmarket, it looked pretty. At least it’s on for ages. I think I’m now going to be forever known as mother dearest, which is infinitely better than slimy snail. I still deny ever being called that.

Lots of mess and some projections

In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things, Rambling on January 31, 2013 at 10:58 pm

I’m really torn between liking making a mess and liking having everything ordered nicely, such hardships… I managed to do both today though. More pictures, less rambling. Always good.

I’ve been knitting (vague) squares, I do mean very vague. Hopefully once they’re stitched together they’ll remain square, out of string. It’s going to become a rug, or mat/carpet, something for the floor! In theory, anyway. I was getting so sick of white string though I started dying them today, I hate having to spend money (hence knitting with string), so they’re dyed with very watered down acrylic – I really hope it doesn’t stain anything horribly or something awful – but it’s so bright. They actually feel really nice when they’re covered in paint, all squishy and lovely. I spent far longer than strictly necessary playing with them… There’s a lot of pictures of hands, an easy way to provide evidence of what I’ve been doing.





I’ve got two little washing lines (which are being dyed quite nicely by drying them) between the sink and my desk, just trying to take up as much space as possible…




Projected things…the video was made slightly bigger, and moved all over the place. It’s really satisfying to stand in it, I was kind of tempted to lie in it but that might have been slightly awkward.


And then a load of still things. You’ll notice I’m also wearing my data beads, must finish those…






That last one is my hair, it looked pretty amazing from how I saw it. I quite like these, in that it’s projected in two places (there’s a wall when you come in the door), having been talking about having more than one thing projected at once it’s kinda interesting. They split nice and evenly too, if I’m not allowed to go near the projector anyway.


None of that is especially relevant to what I’m supposed to be doing, or what I’m actually doing, but it’s kinda fun playing about with stuff. I think I’m heading towards doing ‘nice things’ for this project, it’s the only way I can think to describe it. Not quite sure…it’s horribly daunting that by the end-ish of next week I’m supposed to know what I’m doing. I’m still deluding myself that three weeks is ages. I spent half an hour stood in a toilet cubicle colouring in a 15x15cm tracing paper square today, so so awkward when there were people there! Pens make noise, I had to wait until everyone left before I could leave… I’ll keep on doing it though, although probably makes more sense to do the squares before.

Also – this was quite phenomenal, we went to the pub yesterday. That’s the sort of thing that needs to be marked on calendars forever, it’s taken five months…eek. And some…persuasion. It might very well become a Wednesday tradition. I feel like a real student now and everything… And I tried a new whisky – I couldn’t see what there was, said the first thing that came to mind (which wasn’t there) and got offered Lagavulin instead (which is nice). I honestly don’t spend all my time drinking whisky.


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