You can buy your very own piece of weaving here.

Group exhibitions & projects

2015 (25 – 26 April): Shift & Spin, Stanley Mills, Stanley, Perthshire
2015 (24 April – 2 May): Low Risk Occupiers, St Margaret’s House
2014 (Oct.) – 2015 (Apr.): Stanley Mills, micro-residency, Stanley, Perthshire
2014 (October): Touchy Feely, Edinburgh College of Art
2014 (October): A Letter In Mind, gallery@oxo, London
2014 (27th September): The Dark. Outside., The Galloway Forest, OS grid coordinates: 248776, 571854
2014 (29th March): UPLAND, Cultybraggan Camp, Comrie, Perthshire
2014 (March): Sugarcube, Edinburgh College of Art
2014: Sketchbook Project 2014 – Pacific NW tour (Brooklyn, NY / Portland, OR / Seattle, WA / Vancouver, BC)
Theme, as yet, undecided
2013 (Oct.) – 2014 (March): Camp 21 – Cultybraggan micro-residency, Comrie, Perthshire
2013 (October): Extraordinary object, Edinburgh College of Art
2013: (October): The Salon (final show), Leicester
2013 (August 19th): The Salon: Launch event, Leicester
Ideas & work in progress, including: a walking performance, sketchbooks, drawings, video
2013: contributing student-artist for The Salon, Leicester. Organised by EC Arts
2013: contributed to The Glasshouse Request
Factish-fiction on walking
2013 (April 26th – 3rd May), Landfall, Arts Complex, Edinburgh
Factish-fiction on walking and the sea
2013: Sketchbook Project 2013, Brooklyn Art Library archives, NY
Theme: Chronicle
2012 (December): U.G.F.Y.E.S, Edinburgh College of Art
Interactive random word generator – a writing desk with a dice, chalk, six books and a blackboard waiting to be filled.
2012 (12th-19th October): Sketchbook Project 2012 World Tour, The Canada Water Gallery, London
2012: The Chronicle Project, Brooklyn Art Library, NY
Pamphlet of quotes collected in twenty-four hours
2012 (April): Vesch, Gallery 12, Leicester
Set of four gum bichromate prints
2012: Sketchbook Project 2012, Brooklyn Art Library archives, NY
2011: Worldwide Photowalk 2011, Leicester People’s Photographic Gallery
2008: Market Bosworth Festival of Arts
2007: Market Bosworth Festival of Arts
(2001: I just found a picture of my entry to a competition at the City Gallery, Leicester. I was seven!)

Camp 21 Cultybraggan: Intermedia Off-site Project (2015)
Contributed to The Glasshouse Request (2013)
Am I Just A Quote Machine? (2012)


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